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Maria Menounos is one suave lady

Here's one of my biggest crushes ever, Maria Menounos doing what she always does (look sexy as f*ck) at the Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Collection Launch. As much as I'm loving these pictures, I can't help but feel they're a little unfair. By that, I mean these pictures are giving me bluebells. They're the equivalent of a woman standing right in front of me completely naked and...
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Scarlett Johansson continues to sex up the Toronto International Film Festival

Why am I not at the Toronto International Film Festival right now? Why wasn't I there a week ago working on my tan and making sure all my muscles were toned and ready? Now, I've blown it. There's no way that I can get there on time and there's no way I can see Scarlett Johansson the way she looked here , here or here (pics below). The girl looks incredible in each and every one of...
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