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Summer Glau, The nerds Aphrodite, attends Chicago Comic Con

Firefly fan boys are some of the most dedicated enthusiast you will ever come across. Years after a single season run and feature-length capstone, the loyalists still don the brown coat in attendance to nostalgic Q&A panels; honoring the brief sci-fi franchise. The nimble Summer Glau probably has something to do with the refuse-to-die enthusiasm. She captured the hearts and minds of...
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Summer Glau entertains Canadian fanboys with her baby bump

This has been the celebrity baby boom year, perhaps to make up for all of the devastating celebrity deaths that we've gone through. While she still looks as sensational as always, Summer Glau was sporting her belly button as an outie while doing press work at the 2014 Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo. There has been no official announcement thus far, but reports from those in...
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Exclusive: Four badass pics of Summer Glau from Knights of Badassdom!

We've had a bit of a wait for KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM, but now that the movie is making its way onto Digital and On Demand February 11th, we finally get to see how badass those knights can get against the summoning of demons from hell. While I'm looking forward to seeing all around awesome guy Peter Dinklage swinging a sword again, I'm particularly eager to see what kind of badassdom his co-star...
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Good to see that Summer Glau is still alive and still gorgeous

Lately is seems that about once a year Summer Glau will show up and let everyone know that she's still alive, simultaneously reminding everyone how she used to be one of the main reasons to lust after the female of our species. Poor Summer, how could we have let this come to pass? Maybe it's just the Browncoat in me speaking, but Summer has always been one of the most striking creatures ever...
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Morena Baccarin and Summer Glau had a little Firefly reunion at Comic-Con

Being a blatant Browncoat, there's a process that takes place whenever I see Morena Baccarin or Summer Glau in anything, much less a mini-reunion like the one that took place at the Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago this weekend. Mostly it's a sad mix of giddiness and depression over how much I love that show and how sad I am that it's gone. It really sucks that we don't...
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Battle of the Babes #263: Michelle Rodriguez vs Gina Carano vs Summer Glau

Holy frickin' Schmoe did we have a tight race last week when JLove and Amber Heard vied for the top spot and their third contender, Leven Rambin pretty much got shut out. It wasn't until the last couple of votes were cast that I could identify upcoming MILF, Jennifer Love Hewitt as the second entrant into the Queen of Texas Battle. Now it's time to look over three more and decides who...
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Face Off: Alison Lohman vs. Summer Glau

It was Kat Dennings over Christina Hendricks by a 22 to 13 vote in last week's Face Off . Can't argue with you. I gave Christina my vote because of boobs, but then again I can see how boobs would be a reason to vote for Kat. Doesn't matter. The boobs win either way. This time around we're looking at two hotties who don't show up on our radar much anymore. It's not that either...
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Battle of the Babes #222: Robot Babes

Into the dregs of August, we start to get movies that might have been better scheduled during the year but for various reasons got dumped into the wasteland of when kids are going back to school and parents are happy that a new fall line-up is starting soon on TV. Which is what got me thinking when I noticed that ROBOT & FRANK . A film about robots, hot chick robots (sorta) and a new...
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Summer Glau's beauty is dizzying

Summer Glau was at some gala hosted by the Dizzy Feet Foundation, apparently intended to encourage people to dance or something. Summer is big into the ballerina thing, which makes sense as she's got the perfect frame for it. We've seen her do some dance and dance-related stuff in various shows she's done. I'm particularly fond of those moments, as seeing her pirouetting around as graceful...
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Summer Glau gives a glimmer of hope to BrownCoats at Comic-Con

Every few years Joss Whedon or one of the cast members of Firefly will do something or say something about the show that makes all us Browncoats feel super frustrated and pissed off that there will most likely never be anything Firefly ever again. Now that we've arrived at the 10 year anniversary of the abrupt cancelling of the Fox show, it was a foregone conclusion that they would do...
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Summer Glau has become obscure enough to blend into the crowd

Summer Glau was at some farmer's market the other day, shopping for flowers and looking radiant despite not wearing a lick of make up. That's true beauty, folks. Just get out of bed, throw on some jeans and a t-shirt and still look perfect. I'm glad she still has money to shop for anything not found secondhand or on a discount rack, because I haven't seen her in anything since her NBC show...
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Battle of the Babes #204: Whedon's Babes

Anyone besides me going to use their trip to see CABIN IN THE WOODS to whet their Whedon until May 4th finally winds its way around? Many ignoramuses are just wanting to tune into the cool superhero action from THE AVENGERS. I see it as the geek flick made by the geek hero. And man, when it comes to scoring with the ladies these days, it pays to be a geek. Eliza Dushku...
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