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Face Off: Nicola Peltz vs. Megan Fox

It was a landslide win for Ali Larter against her competitor Kirsten Dunst in last week's Face Off . That's a telling thing, indicative of the negative opinion that can come about when hotties become indifferent to their hotness. If this comparison were made a few years back, when Kirsten wasn't so ambivalent, things might have gone much differently. Once again there's a...

Jessica Alba getting wet in a bikini and showing butt is great entertainment

You can say a lot of things against Entertainment Weekly. You might even have some reservations about Jessica Alba . But you can't deny that both those parties came up with a great premise for selling magazines, which mostly consists of putting Jess in a bikini that shows off her ass and making that the cover of their latest issue that's exploring all things summer 2014 entertainment related....

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