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Josie Bissett is a name I haven't heard of since the '90's but she's still hot

Right before the show turned into a mega-success with the addition of Heather Locklear to the cast, the original "Melrose Place" almost went down in flames as fast as the reboot did. The summer that they were gearing up to angle with the Locklear, the show filmed scenes in my hometown and I got to see Josie Bissett in person, throwing spaghetti sauce on that douche who played her...
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Michelle Trachtenberg looks intent on seducing Rob Lowe at the Summer TCAs

I do not blame her in the slightest. After looking at the hottest women of the 1980's yesterday, I'd have to say that the male version would definitely have Rob Lowe battling out with maybe John Stamos for my personal number one spot. As it stands at the 2013 TCA Summer tour, the Lowe-ster and cast including Michelle Trachtenberg were talking about their upcoming TV movie "Killing Kennedy,"...
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