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Flashback Friday: Even after 25 years, Cindy Crawford is still the best

That's a bold statement, I know. Especially when you consider all the beautiful women who have come along before, during and after Cindy Crawford's epic run on the modelling scene in the 90s. Yeah, I'm probably biased on her, having spent the better part of my formative years seeing near constant images of Cindy doing her thing in fashion shows, in magazines, advertisements, music...
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Billionaires are literally fighting each other for a shot at Miranda Kerr

What the hell is it with rich people just going at each other lately? Perhaps all the building resentment against how lopsided things are between rich and poor is starting to get to those who horde all the cash. Or maybe super hot Aussie super model Miranda Kerr just came on the market and now all her fellow billionaire countrymen are battling for the right to bang her sweet ass on a...
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Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Lima give great press conference

If you were in need of imagery from two of the finest specimens of the female form existing on our planet right now, then look no further because we got it. Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel showed up at some Victoria's Secret press conference yesterday, looking just about as tasty as any women could ever look. Candice was handling the sophisticated sexiness aspect of things, while...
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Leopard-skinned cougar Heidi Klum chows down on a meaty kill

Speaking of 90s supermodel flashbacks , former model phenom and current cougar Heidi Klum seems to be working on a comeback amidst a crowd of young model whippersnappers conspiring to come in and steal her thunder. Heidi still looks good and I wouldn't hesitate a moment to get with her, though perhaps comeback isn't quite the right word. Sure she's been spending a lot of her time doing the...
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