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Melissa Benoist went to Mexico & took her Taylor Swift bikini with her

I can kind of understand the "mom jeans" trend. After a number of years with all that denim riding so low on the hips of the beautiful celebrity women out there, I imagine they were tired of the constant torso chill and threat of plumber's crack every time they stepped out. The mom jeans have a way of giving shorter waisted women a longer look while making their butts look outstanding from all...
17 hours ago
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Hottie Report Card: Melissa Benoist

Someone last time suggested we hand Melissa Benoist a Hottie Report Card this time around. Sounds like a good idea, what with her appearing in PATRIOTS DAY this week. Then you also got her Supergirl show, which is probably how most people know Melissa as of late. One could hardly do better for a Kryptonian girl next door type than Melissa. But does she have the power to score big...
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Supergirl Melissa Benoist gets couture for the New York Post

Melissa Benoist seems to agree with the first thing I thought when I heard she was cast to play Supergirl . In her interview with the New York Post, Melissa describes herself as being a musical theater nerd and that it took 3 months of auditioning and dying her hair blonde to get the producers to see her as a viable Kara. "I don't think of myself as that tough, kick-ass, badass woman,"...
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Melissa Benoist is super bellissimo in Vanity Fair Italia

Her series flew on over to The CW, which only means that we're going to be enjoying Melissa Benoist in her skirt & tights a lot longer than we would have if she'd stayed a CBS girl. And with NetFlix streaming the first season of "Supegirl" already, I think the series is going to have an even stronger chance to gain in its audience numbers, yet another sharp move on The CW's part. I think it...
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By the power of her popsicle eating skills, Melissa Benoist compels you

I am trying with all my might to catch up on what's going on in the CW DC world, but there are so many names and faces and episodes and holy hell that channel will let a show go on forever (much to the delight of "Supernatural" fans), so about 4 episodes into "The Flash," I started thinking it was impossible and then I realized, oh, yeah, they're adding "Supergirl" to their roster now....
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Melissa Benoist leaks Supergirl's new secret weapon

I couldn't help but be amused by the contrasts inherent in these pics of Melissa Benoist strolling around the Supergirl lot with her little canine friend in her arms. Here you have an all powerful daughter of Krypton in full regalia, accompanied by a grumpy little fur ball companion. It's kind of like if Hulk had a kitten clinging to his ripped pants, or Wonder Woman had a parrot perched...
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Melissa Benoist flies over to the CW for a an upfront change of networks

Good news for those of you who are "Supergirl" fans. Turns out the show is making the change from CBS winter wonderland for the AARP crowd who prefer their dramas chock full of implausible scenarios and hokey dialog to The CW, where the channel is so happy that anybody is watching, they'll allow a series to go on for years without sweating the ratings. Melissa Benoist was lovely at the CW...
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Melissa Benoist was super slick at PaleyFest

I'm still pretty "meh" when it comes to Melissa Benoist , especially when she shows up to events such as PaleyFest with hair slicked back all greasy, as if Something about Mary went way darker. I might like her more if I could have gotten into "Supergirl," which seems to have developed quite a fanatical little following. Sure, Melissa is adorkable, making goofy faces for the cameras while...
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Melissa Benoist flashes everyone on the set of Supergirl

I don't know what shocks me most - that "Supergirl" has been pulling in around 8 million viewers a week in its live airings or that the typically fanboy rabid people over at Rotten Tomatoes have the show ranked with a 97% fresh. Over 12 million had tuned in for the first episode of the CBS superheroine show when it bowed back in October of last year (I was one of them, in the 3% that was...
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The Top 10 Most Breathtaking Beauties of 2015

We do a lot of tongue wagging over the sexy bods of all the various hotties we cover through the year. And rightfully so, what with all the wonderful things they do with those bodies. Sexy physiques notwithstanding, it is important to remember that attached to most of these beautiful bodies is an equally beautiful face. In recognition of that, we present 10 of the most beautiful faces we saw...
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Hottie Clip: Melissa Benoist in Supergirl

After modern television's failed attempt to get Wonder Woman's invisible jet off the ground, CBS has given us the next best thing: SUPERGIRL. While some may have shrugged at the idea of reviving the lazer-eyed heroine, it was actually quite a brilliant move, especially considering BATS V SUPES is just around the corner. The show feels a bit more like THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA...
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Woman of steel Melissa Benoist in Supergirl promo pics

All the stars correctly aligned last night. That's the only way I can explain why I actually tuned into the season premiere of CBS's new superhero fluff: Supergirl. Other than my past proclivity for drooling over its lead character Melissa Benoist , I had too many reservations about Kal El's vaginal counterpart. Not because it's about a woman superhero, but because all of...
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