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Face Off: Amy Adams vs. Jessica Chastain

Most of us agreed on Zoey Deutch as the more impressive hottie comapred to Emma Roberts in last week's Face Off . Sounds about right to me. Yet as one person said, a 20-something Lea Thompson blows them both out of the water. We just saw Amy Adams' big BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN release, which most people seem to think went terribly awry, despite clearing $700 mil already. It's...
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Now we know which side Maitland Ward is on in this Batman vs. Superman thing

Oh Maitland Ward . There's never any grey area with you, is there? I still can't decide if the nerdy references she routinely makes in her gratuitous internet stripteases are genuine reflections of her interests, or just pandering to a target audience. I suppose it doesn't really matter. She's managed to fashion for herself a little niche of devoted followers on the web,...
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Hottie Clip: Erica Durance on Smallville

Before the Marvel universe began taking over our television sets, and the singing WB frog finally croaked, there was Smallville . This was during a transitional period where someone could mutter the names "Batman" or "Superman" without a dark cloud forming above them. With the somewhat "disappointing" feedback coming out in regards to...
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Amy Adams sits for a few Super sweet portraits

Yesterday we saw Gal Gadot's press portraits while doing the whole Q&A thing for BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. Now it's Amy Adams' turn to have her every move documented while answering questions. I'm thankful for their sensitivity with these portrait pics. Sometimes they like to post every weird, out of context face the subject makes while musing on their latest project. These maintain Amy's...
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Gal Gadot looks wonderful in Glamour

Rarely have I seen a group of people so divided on a movie as they are with this BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN movie. I see people already convinced it's going to be the worst thing ever. Then there are others who are reserving judgement. And a few here and there who actually hold out hope that this could be really great. I'm in the second group. I've heard the rumors and the speculation. I've seen the...
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BOTB Lois Lane Edition: Amy Adams vs Erica Durance vs Stana Katic

Last week it wasn't a huge surprise that you voted Kate Beckinsale's Selene your favorite vampire babe. At this point in the game, it's near impossible for anyone to beat Becks, even with the stiffy-inducing competition such as Bellucci and Liu. This week, I wanted to semi-touch all the Gotham show casting talk that's been going down, even if it's revolved around the dudes so far. The...
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Be careful about messing with Kaley Cuoco, as I hear her new boyfriend is super strong

Bugging Kaley Cuoco while she gets her nails done might of a mild risk, however the bigger concern for the paps is snapping pics of Kaley and her new guy Henry Cavill, aka Clark Kent, aka Kal-El, aka Superman, aka The Man of Steel. I don't think they have to worry about laser eye beams or getting parts of themselves snapped off or their entire city leveled in a Kryptonian battle royale that...
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Who'd Ya Rather?: Amy Adams or Molly Quinn at the Man of Steel premiere?

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Amy Adams and Molly Quinn exploding with hotness at the MAN OF STEEL premiere! Okay, so I'll admit right off the top that asking you to choose between these hotties is a bit unfair. One of these gals has been running through our minds for many years, while the other is more up-and-coming and can't even legally drink yet (well, not in the U.S., anyway)....
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Face Off: Diane Lane vs. Amy Adams

Pretty clear win for Alison Brie over Gillian Jacobs in last week's Face Off . Can't say I'm all that surprised. With the following that girl has, she could start her own religion. Brieism. Alisonity. There's a faith we can all believe in. Only 4 days til MAN OF STEEL comes out. I'm sure many of you are looking forward to that. Apart from being about Superman, which is pretty good...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Kristin Kreuk

I'm going to be honest with you guys, I've never seen an episode of "Smallville." I've heard good things but it just never happened. After watching today's Hottie Clip of the Day.... that might change. Solely because of the one and only Kristin Kreuk. Wow is this girl gorgeous. If you're like me and you're discovering this beauty for the first time then you are welcome. Just look at...
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The fact that Nicole Neal can't stay dressed is what makes her a super girl

A lot of folks were going nutty for that Helen Flanagan hottie we posted yesterday. Rightfully so, I'm sure. Helen is pretty hot and clearly in possession of some fantastic tatas. I'm also quite fond of fellow nudity aficionado Nicole Neal , seen here in the latest edition of Front magazine doing her best to get everyone excited about the new Superman movie. I appreciate Nicole's...
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Molly Quinn shows off her superbad self at WonderCon

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Molly Quinn 's fantastical bosom! Yeah, that's the one! Those of you who spent this weekend attending WonderCon 2013 probably noticed there was no shortage of Jokers, steampunkers, or hotties dressed up as our favorite superheroes. The latter is very much appreciated, especially when that hottie is a redheaded fox by the name of Molly Quinn. While she didn't...
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