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After these Kristen Stewart pics, my private aisle is gonna need a clean up

I'm interested how the meeting at Elle magazine headquarters went down. I reckon they realized they got a hold of Kristen Stewart and had a hard time securing location at some elegant looking ranch or mansion. Then one dude they work with must've been like, "Oh, guys. My mom's friends with this one guy who owns a supermarket. Let's just f*ckin' shoot this shit there!" Then champagne was...
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Adriana Lima looks super even at the supermarket

Oh, Adriana Lima … Seeing these pictures of the gorgeous lady herself shopping for groceries not only proves that supermodels need food, too, but the possibility of me bumping into an attractive celebrity in the real world has now gone up one whole number. YEAH! I don't know about you, but it's only a matter of time before I'm at this grocery store (I'll find out which...
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