A wet & topless Chrissy Teigen is a wonderful laughing matter

I stand by my opinion that Chrissy Teigen has a wonky face. She also has one of the hottest bodies and sensational personalities that I've seen from a bikini model. Teigen is funny and goofy but never dumb. She's a humanitarian who doesn't become a frothy yapping militant when her triggers are grazed. She's married to a guy that I'd otherwise believe was gay without her...
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Sexy TwitPics: Anastasia Ashley

Believe it or not, the sun has already been taking a toll on Milky Way bars and CD cases all across the coast, which means that beach season is already upon us. And it couldn't have come sooner. You might guess why this is exciting news for us at MovieHotties, and it's not because of our huge metal detector collection. It's bikinis! If history would be so kind as to repeat itself, we...
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It's Candice Swanepoel in a bikini getting pounded by surf

I envy those random surges of sea water slamming up against Candice Swanepoel's beautiful butt during her photo shoot for whoever. I've become much more interested in Candice's candid shots than the professional stuff she does. Not to suggest that Candice isn't hot in her professional shoots, but I find it fascinating how impressive she looks in the candids. A lot of the time you see hotties...
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Model Anais Zanotti sucks up some potassium while topless and g-stringed

Known attention junkie Anais Zanotti is down in Miami with every other model on the planet right now, doing her attention-grabbing thing on the beach with her g-string bikini and suckable phallic fruits. I suppose I could go on a rant about how obvious her efforts are here, but seeing this scenario so often from so many just like her, at some point you just have to shrug it off and just...
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Sexy TwitPics: Alana Blanchard

Do we have any surfers who visit this site? I'm not referring to internet-surfers obviously, but actual surfers. You know, radical dudes who have a tubular time catching some gnarly waves? I would assume most hardcore surfers are hardly willing to spare much time surfing the web (to put it another way, I can't surf for shit). Still, if you happen to be a fan of the sport, you...
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