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We've all been missing out on South African knockout Lyndall Jarvis

What is it about people who are born in places other than the United States being so ridiculously and utterly hot? Like, Brazilians and South Africans and Icelandianladywomen…I just don't understand it. Not to say that good ol' U.S.A. women aren't wonderful in their own right, but good God, that ethnic beauty these ladies carry is just ridiculous. Case in point: Lyndall Jarvis who has been...

I want to spend the summer at Jessica Alba's place

I heard someone remark the other day that Jessica Alba is hotter now than ever before. That's a bold statement. Jessica has had some drop dead gorgeous moments throughout the years. If Jess is hotter today it's probably from the added MILF component tacked onto her already established hotness that appears completely untouched after 15 years on the hottie scene. Not that she looks like...

Sarah Hyland shows off her fruits at an indoor OP pool party

It's still surprising to me that "Modern Family" star, Sarah Hyland is 22-years old and will clock in at a whopping 23 this upcoming November. With that baby face of hers, it's as if she's the Ralph Macchio of her generation, only a female and built a lot better. Sarah was in NYC for an indoor pool party being hosted by the people being OP (Ocean Pacific, a brand I recall going out of...

Vanessa Hudgens loves her some Roxy, I just loves me some VHudg

There's something about Vanessa Hudgens that makes me truly believe that she's a cool, fun, down kinda chick. Someone who will have fun doing a bar crawl or going to a Mr. T. Experience show. For the time being, she showed up to a special fashion unveiling for the Roxy line and looked sleek in her suit but cool as hell when she was goofing with the surfboards in the shop, caught by her sister...

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