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Anne Hathaway's nipples enjoyed their Hawaii vacation

Ugh, that damn hair. I'm never going to be okay with that look on Anne Hathaway . Still, it was quite a treat to enjoy Anne treating herself to an extended Hawaii vacation, even if part of it did almost kill her . Anne's back home now in the currently just as tropical City of Angels, but that's no reason not to enjoy one last peek at her pokies as she got some surfing in on the last days of...

What 41-year old woman would ass-ume we'd want to see her bikini-ing in Hawaii?

I do not need anyone giving my mom ideas about the level of confidence that they're allowed to possess when on vacation in Hawaii. It's bad enough that my mom confessed that she's recently started having "a thing" for Will Smith, it's even worse that Jada Pinkett-Smith has a birthday (in DAYS only, but my mother and her "All Virgos are sooooo alike" mentality is super scary) on September...

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene hang out and hang 10 in bikinis

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene were hitting the waves in Bali, doing a bit for Oakley's Learn to Ride Event down there. They're fast learners, it would seem. I tried to get on a surfboard about 10 years ago and achieved very little besides establishing a close relationship between my face and the bottom of the shoreline. I never tried to surf wearing a foam trucker hat though, so maybe...

Sexy TwitPics: Alana Blanchard

Do we have any surfers who visit this site? I'm not referring to internet-surfers obviously, but actual surfers. You know, radical dudes who have a tubular time catching some gnarly waves? I would assume most hardcore surfers are hardly willing to spare much time surfing the web (to put it another way, I can't surf for shit). Still, if you happen to be a fan of the sport, you...

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