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Flashback Friday: We shouldn't have to flashback to Nikki Cox

My fascination with Nikki Cox goes back a long way. I first became enamored with her way back in the late 80s, when she played the alien-of-the-week in an early episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. She looked a little weird, but for a total sci-fi geek like I was, a cutie my age on one of my favorite shows was an instant attraction. Of course, like most people, I didn't know...

Rose McGowan looks content to see it thru

The last few months have seen Rose McGowan upgrade her unfortunate face surgery from botched to aged movie star, bringing back at least a hint of the Rose that was. Fortunately the rest of Rose is still looking great, as evidenced by her see thru walk from the car in LA this weekend. I suppose one could argue that this was one of those happy camera flash accidents, but going braless under...

Naya Rivera is looking like another Kardashian sister at Glee's 100th

I think I've been pointing out that Naya Rivera has clearly had breast augmentation done to increase the size her chest for quite some time now, so let's overlook that everyone else is just now catching on to her bigger tits and focus on the other issue. With her hair highlighted and her makeup continuing to lighten her normally gorgeous mixed-race skin (Rivera is Puerto Rican, black and...

Megan Fox is showing signs of trouble

A pat on the back to a very preggo Megan Fox for her efforts at addressing domestic violence at this Avon event seeking to deal with that unfortunate subject. Also quite impressive how little she's showing for someone in her 3rd trimester. Although that might be the slimming powers of black at work. That being said, I feel like someone needs to speak with Megan about the violence...

Courtney Stodden gets nude(ish) for E! Anyone surprised? Anyone? Bueller?

When the world was first introduced to the creature that is Courtney Stodden , it was when her marriage to the much-older actor Doug Hutchinson was announced. Not that the age difference would have been all that big of a thing in the land of Hollyweird, but grasping for attention, both for Doug's flagging acting career (I presume) and Courtney's intentions of wanting to be a successful...

Flashback Friday: Recollections of the original Rose McGowan

I know there are folks who would defend the current iteration of Rose McGowan . Yeah, we know all about the car wreck and the facial reconstruction. That was an unfortunate knock for Rose. Still, there has been an obvious slide into some sort of malaise for her as of late, prompting some, shall we say, unusual looks for this once supreme hottie. Looks like this one: Yeah, that's...

Sofia Vergara confirms her breasts are the real deal

Not that we were really all concerned to begin with, but Sofia Vergara has busted out with a statement in Vogue regarding her stupendous breasts, saying they're free from all unnatural elements, including silicone and saline. "I mean, a normal girl will just put the dress on and leave. I need them to be like an armory. My dresses are like a work of art inside because, you know, I...

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