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Kelly Brook dwarfs everything with the size of her literal sweater puppies

Either Kelly Brook's friend is extremely short or Kelly somehow gained a whole foot for her sidewalk jaunt down some LA street the other day. Yeah, it's the former, but that is a comical pairing there nonetheless. Discrepancies in size aside, the most important component to these pics is how fantastic Kelly's giant rack looks in that sweater. It's an interesting thing, as I'm sure such an...

Katy Perry's boobs pose for pictures with their fans

You ever do one of these post show meet and greet things? I did one recently with a comedian I'm a big fan of. The process essentially involves standing in line to take a picture with the star after the show. Then a few days later they upload everyone's pics to a website where you can download your cherished moment, print it out, frame it and add it to your shrine. These post show pics of...

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