Jessica Alba rang in the new year in a bikini as well

It's funny how the end of the year is stuffed with more celebrities in bikinis than some summer months. None of that crowding into freezing cold city squares with the rest of the smelly masses to watch balls drop for rich and famous hotties like Jessica Alba . Nah, they're going to celebrate another year of having the world at their fingertips in $5000 a night Cabo San Lucas cabanas, complete...
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We got a double dose of Yvonne Strahovski hotness last night

It was quite a night for Yvonne Strahovski fans yesterday when she showed up in not one, but two new seasons of popular shows. First came the new season of 24, where she was the hot, ass-kicking CIA agent working alongside Jack Bauer. Then later there came her somewhat surprising cameo in the new season of Louie on FX, where she played the hot daughter of an astronaut who gets her ass kicked...
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Jennifer Lawrence is sexy in seedy apartments for Vogue

Jennifer Lawrence is pretty leggy in these images from Vogue Italy's latest issue. I wonder if there's anything interesting to read in all that text. I wouldn't know. I love Italian food, but the language is mostly gibberish to me and my provincial, American ways. Maybe you guys who read Italian can fill the rest of us uncultured folks what the article has to say. Or I can try to interpret...
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