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Alessandra Ambrosio heats it up in a bikini while the rest of us freeze our asses off

I don't know if you were aware of this little tidbit, but it's December and it just so happens to be freezing cold in my neck of the woods, so seeing super-hot model Alessandra Ambrosio strut her wonderful stuff in this tiny bikini isn't only making me jealous, but it's also helping me warm up a bit. Then again, Alessandra would look drop dead gorgeous no matter what, even if...

Summer may be over, but that won't stop model Jaclyn Swedberg from getting in on some bikini action

I'm one of those dudes who doesn't read Playboy. I'm sure they have fascinating articles and advertisements, but I prefer the pop-up advertisements I get when doing "research" online. There's a lot more fascinating "articles" online…if you know what I mean…and shit like Playboy and Hustler and all that other stuff seems unnecessary and trivial in this day and age. That's not to say that the...

You want a gratuitous amount of pics of Emmanuelle Chriqui in a bikini? You got it!

It's a sad fact to realize, everyone, but summer is just about over. In these dark and depressing times, we have to really savor and appreciate every single celebrity who decides to settle into a tiny, little bikini and show off all their best physical attributes. That's probably why these photos of Emmanuelle Chriqui are so maddeningly glorious. There's no denying the bikini pic posts are...

Charlize Theron shows off her bikini hotness to a bunch of kids

These kids. These damn kids. I want to sit them down, very serious-like, and tell them, "Back in my day, if I wanted to see the ass of Charlize Theron , I'd have to go down to Blockbuster and rent some movie I didn't even want to see!" Then, they'd ask what a Blockbuster was before I slapped the ever loving shit out of them.  I can't help but feel just the slightest bit disturbed with...

Joanna Krupa is very wet in her bikini

Why must they do this to me? WHY? I realize being jealous of inanimate objects is kind of depressing in every single aspect, but man, f*ck that towel. Why can't I be rubbing all up on soaking wet Joanna Krupa ? Huh? I'm absorbent, easy to transport and the ladies tell me I make them as dry as a desert (seriously, every girl says this. That's something I should be proud of,...

Jessica Alba wearing a bikini AND a smile in St Barts? What a great TGIF moment

I'm one of those people, whether you want to call me a movie fanatic or an old person who remembers "At the Movies," when it still had that classy balding dude and that robust fatty with the glasses who would proclaim a movie good or bad by simply the swing of a clenched fist with the thumb struck out, but I'm one of those people who gets really sad when I hear about the death of Roger Ebert,...

Hayden Panettiere's bikini week phase 3: Glamour magazine

Just when you think Hayden Panettiere is packing her jello-filled juggs away after two long days at the beach, this bikini spread from Glamour magazine falls right into our laps. This explains why Hayden displayed tremendous confidence in her body on Day 1 , and flat-out carelessness on Day 2 (which worked just as well, if not better). Now we're 3 days into April and she hasn't let us...

The majority of Nicole Kidman is holding up just fine

We give Nicole Kidman shit sometimes over the noticeable effects her various face adjustments have inflicted on her looks over the years. That may or may not be deserved, but one does have to admit that most everything below her neck is still looking pretty tasty. The 45-year-old mother of two (not counting the two scientology-brainwashed kids she adopted with Tom Cruise who apparently don't...

Katherine Webb gets bikini'd and brings out our inner-Brent Musburger

What can one say about Katherine Webb 's beauty that hasn't already been awkwardly muttered in front of millions of people? She's only been around for a short while, and Katherine has managed to catch all of us in her Webb. If you thought her 15 minutes were up as soon as her quarterback boyfriend AJ McWhatever's game was finished, it appears you were mistaken. The incident seems to have...

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