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Ashley Benson & Shay Mitchell are 2 pretty little bikiniers

While we were getting used to not seeing SPRING BREAKERS bikini posts of Ashley Benson and making due with lots of great magazine shots of her "Pretty Little Liars" co-star and off-set bestie, Shay Mitchell , it looks as if the girls wanted to give us a proper gift for this Independence week. The friends took a vacay together to Hawaii and splashed about merrily in the ocean...

Devin Brugman and Natasha Oakley show off a few of my favorite things

As a man, there are two things I like in this world. One of them is a pair of breasts. They're such magnificent, lovely things aren't they? I feel like I'm about to enter a Dr. Seuss book, but there are big ones and there are small ones. They're just wonderful. The other thing I like are booties. Sure, they can be smelly sometimes (and other times, they itch a whole lot!), however, when they...

I would drive to any ocean to see model Nina Agdal in the flesh

One time I went to the dentist's office and saw a copy of Ocean Drive Magazine . It seemed boring and girly, so I lit it on fire right there in the waiting room and did a dance around it while singing a song from the olden days (I was kicked out pretty soon afterwards). Now, I think I'm gonna have to subscribe to this thing just from this new photospread alone. I've never heard of this gal...

Alexandra Daddario hits the beaches for the upcoming issue of Cosmo

Added to our galleries not too long ago, Alexandra Daddario is making waves this year, just after leaving her reoccurring guest role on the show "Parenthood," last fall. Back in January, Daddario was one of the screaming beauties in the TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D a film that doesn't seem to have inspired much love from you schmoes, considering that the overall review feedback is at a...

Ellie Gonsalves in Maxim Australia is giving me Carmen Electra vibes

I know of a hot brunette who comes from the land down under and that's about all I can say about my knowledge of babes of Australia. Trust me, I understand that there are a ton of gorgeous famous women that come from the country but I'm less familiar with those who are only popular in their native land. Looking at these images of Ellie Gonsalves in the current issue of Maxim Australia, at...

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