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Kimberley Garner gives the Mediterranean a little extra heat

Kimberley Garner has taken a play out of the Kelly Brook fashion playbook by deciding that if she wanted her line of swimwear modeled right, she might as well do it herself. Thus her hot ass whistle stop tour in ports of call at various Mediterranean hot spots, wherein she showed off a different piece of swimwear to the delight of various hairy, heavily tanned dudes wearing copious amounts...

These sexy bikini pics of model Veronika Istomina are worth russian to

What do you guys think goes into becoming a ridiculously famous model? Like one that appears on television shows and movies and magazines and becomes a household name before turning 30? Who really knows. I'm almost 25 and I haven't done jack shit with my life, so I'm the last person to be asking. I suppose I'm inquiring because, seriously, look at this woman. Dear God. Her name is Veronika...

Model Genevieve Morton and her huge boobs enjoy some summer fun

You probably know Genevieve Morton best from her fantastic spreads in the last few SI Swimsuit editions, doing a pretty good job of stealing some of Kate Upton's thunder. Genevieve is modelling some swimwear for Nathan Paul here, proving she's definitely a worthy addition to South Africa's long list of hotties seemingly born to wear skimpy beach wear. They do grow lovely crops of those...

Emily Ratajkowski looks mighty foxy in a bikini

I'm a man with simple tastes. Instead of going out and playing sports, I like to sit at home with a massive jar of mayonnaise and rub it all over myself while watching Jerry Springer. It's the little things in life, you know? Point being, any and all sports related things tend to confuse me and anything that endorses them. Fox just happens to be one of these sponsors, making hats,...

Nina Agdal in a bikini can put anyone in a good state of mind

Nina Agdal splits her time between the ocean, the jungle and a beat up VW van in Op's Summer State of Mind swimwear photoshoot. I appreciate their efforts in getting Nina dressed up in bikinis and looking hot, but what's with the guy? No one wants to see that. There's no point in trying to market swimwear to a guy. We don't operate that way. If we need a swimsuit, we go down to the store,...

Irina Shayk is a sexy snake in the grass

#15 on your Top 25 Hotties of 2012 , Irina Shayk , is some kind of sexy, see thru boat captain in the weeds for this Agua Bendita beachwear spread. That's one snake I wouldn't mind stumbling upon accidentally. Interesting how it seems to be mostly fashion model stuff that shows up around the holidays. It would appear all the genuine movie hotties in the world have retreated to some secluded...

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