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Alessandra Ambrosio is looking like one sexy devil

These pictures are some of the best things ever. Not only are we getting an eyeful of the sexy, the beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio strutting her stuff in some tight red, uh…tights, but when one is dressed as Satan and has their daughter dressed as Lucifer, as well, good times with pictures are going to be had. There are pictures you'll find below that have Alessandra on a swing and all I can...
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Olivia Munn is quite the swinger

Ow... If you haven't already watched this, you might not want to. Unless the sound of a human body colliding with the hardest of the hardwood floors in the world doesn't make every part of you cringe. This hits me on a childhood level, evoking terrifying memories of various dislocations and broken bones I suffered as an irresponsible kid playing Russian Roulette with playground equipment....
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