We might need to rescue Ryan Newman from Sharknado's clutches

There looks to be a hint of fear in Ryan Newman's eyes. As much as I want to like her SHARKNADO co-star, Tara Reid , gone are the days when she was still just a cute girl in Hollywood up to no good. Newman actually looks as if she's a good girl who is suddenly realizing just what crowd she's fallen in with. While Ryan has had a career in Nickelodeon shows prior to being the young exploitable...
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12 Monkeys star Amanda Schull lights up the Monte Carlo TV Festival

Are there any of you who have gotten into the "12 Monkeys" TV show? I tried a couple of episodes but was falling asleep, a far cry from how much I love the original movie. I'm not going to blame it on the hot blonde star of the show, Amanda Schull , even though I have been known to not like characters she's played in the past. (As Meredith on "Pretty Little Liars," I wanted her to go away and...
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Laura Vandervoort is just another perfect blonde in Cliche magazine

After finding a comfortable place to be her perfect blonde self on television on the CW show "Smallville," it was with heavy hearts that we not only bid adieu to the whole cast of that show in 2011 but to its Supergirl, Laura Vandervoort as well. While Vandervoort kicked around for a couple of years trying to get a good foothold into the movie acting thing, appearing in THIS IS WAR and TED,...
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The Top Ten Hottest Babes of SyFy

There was a time when it was considered uncool to be a geek tuning into the Sci Fi channel. Then someone decided to get funky with it, altering its moniker to SyFy (to this day, I refuse to pronounce it any other way that "See Fee") and began throwing "Sharknado"s at us. All the while, the channel has been steadily building up a bustling schedule of programs that honestly aren't all that bad......
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