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We judge Vera and Taissa Farmiga to be sexy and sweet

It took me awhile to understand the true familial relationship between Taissa and Vera Farmiga , seen here attending the premiere of THE JUDGE with Robert Downy Jr. trying his best not to be Tony Stark. I became aware of Vera and Taissa's connection in the first season of American Horror story. At first I naturally assumed Taissa was Vera's daughter. After all, they do have over 20 years...

Vera Farmiga's little sister Taissa heats up the American Horror Story red carpet premiere

One of the top actresses in the business who's been transitioning into being a great force in directing (her 2011 directorial debut, HIGHER GROUND, was a critical success) Vera Farmiga, might want to make room for her little sis, Taissa Farmiga, in the circle of applause. The younger Farmiga got her start in acting when her older sister directed her in the aforementioned film and then went on...

Precious is headed to American Horror Story: Coven. Good thing?

Gabourey Sidibe is the big 'ol black girl who is never going to be forgotten for playing the lead role in the movie PRECIOUS (need I remind you that she did get an Oscar nomination for that abysmally sad and practically impossible to pull off role and that she did DESERVE that nomination??). But the actress hasn't been resting on her laurels and letting herself be considered just...

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