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Los Angeles is ruining Sophie Turner

Thanks a lot, Los Angeles. You seem to have completely obliterated the Sansa Stark version of Sophie Turner . Gone are those soft curves, replaced by the too-skinny limbs of most boring cookie-cutter Hollywood starlets. Gone is that natural, brilliant red hair of hers, replaced with a bleached blonde dried out mess for the role of Josie in next year's HUNTSVILLE. She's even shopping and...
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Francia Raisa gives Hilary Duff a run for her butt pants money

Here's a hottie who doesn't get nearly the love or attention she deserves. I remember her as being one of the more realistic actors on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," that Family Channel series that kicked off Shailene Woodley's super stardom but seems to have left the rest of the cast in a lurch. Granted, it was ridiculous, horrendously scripted garbage that got made fun of on "The...
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Olivia Munn is still a sweetheart on the streets of NYC

On break from filming BEWARE THE NIGHT with Eric Bana and Joel McHale, Olivia Munn did some errands in New York City while the paparazzi had fun taking her picture. The "Newsroom" co-star talked on the phone and hoofed it across town to hit up some boutiques and spend whatever money she's taking in. From what I've gathered from reading about celebrities who choose to live in New York, the...
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