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It's sorta cray, how hot Bones' Tamara Taylor looks for Me in My Place

Now here's a face I never would have guessed would get attention from Esquire magazine, even in their famously sexy Me In My Place series. I'm pretty familiar with Tamara Taylor because I watch "Bones" on a fairly regular basis (OK, not so much recently, but I have the first 8 or 80 seasons on DVD) and she kills it as Dr Camille Saroyan. The character's story arc has flirted with her being a...

Emily Deschanel and the Boobs, I mean Bones cast at the TCAs

There's only one Deschanel in our Movie Hotties Galleries (have you been checking them out and ranking the hottest of the hottie index?) and that's Zooey, even though I personally and more of an Emily Deschanel fan, mainly due to my love of her character from the show "Bones," where she plays the no-nonsense, borderline Aspergian forensic scientist, Temperance Brennan. Lucky for me, it seems...

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