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Jillian Rose Reed bikini pics are more awkward than I thought they'd be

For the past few years, Jillian Rose Reed has been amazeballs (I blame her character for most of the "hip" lingo that I use) as Tamara on the MTV scripted series, "Awkward." It also seems as if the show hasn't been selling us the character as well as it could have. Heck, I'd be super happy if they allowed the camera to pan down more on Reed, who clocks in at a mere 5'2" and is built like a...
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The Top Ten High School Horror Hotties

You would think that when you're the only wide-release horror film opening in the month of Halloween that you might have the muscle to trump the box office, but that apparently wasn't the case over the opening weekend for the remake/reimagining of CARRIE , which got shoved out of the way by older releases featuring older, more establish stars like Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks. Still doesn't...
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