Barbara Palvin may be bronze, but she wins the gold for my heart

Every time I go through a new batch of Barbara Palvin pictures, my SOHBPM (Sexually Oriented Heart Beats Per Minute for you dumb folk who don't know any acronyms) goes up exponentially. I hope it's easy for you to see why. She recently became one of my favorite models, mostly due to her giant eyes, those seemingly constant duck-face lips look (except this time it's natural) and...

How does a collection of Jennifer Lawrence sideboob strike you?

We brought you some pics of Jennifer Lawrence attending some fashion thing in France the other day, looking pretty if not a little overly spray tanned. Not sure what the deal was with that, but whatever is happening on her face is not the point of this post. We got to move down a bit to focus on the ample sideboob show Jennifer was putting on at this thing - sideboob that only seemed to...

Lake Bell's A-list rack is pure art at the Whitney Museum Gala

In a world where there is a brilliantly funny and compelling actress like Lake Bell , who needs for her to have a genetically "perfect" face? I keep thinking that every time that I check Bell out at her various events and whatnot, this time her red carpet posing for the 2013 Whitney Art Gala, which she attended with her new husband, a dude who looks way too straight laced to be a tattoo...

Naya Rivera brought her shiny cleavage to the Elle Women in Hollywood party

If there's anything stupider than a woman who decides to trash a dude's car when he breaks up with her, it's that same woman's parents spelling her brother's name Mychal instead of the more classic (and decidedly less retarded - yeah, I used the word) Michael. But that's how they spelled "Glee" star Naya Rivera's Oakland Raiders football playing brother....

Gee, look at those legs Julianne Hough is putting into her Mercedes G-Wagen

I think that if those tree-hugging hippies are going to drip out a constant percolation for their hatred of Hummers, they might want to learn more about cars and research how the Mercedes G-Wagen (I might not know fashion designers, I might not know shoe or purse designers, and I definitely don't know big-name jewelry shit but I can figure out a car, dammit) is pretty much the most worthless...

What's the source behind Stacy Keibler's radiant glow?

She might have been out walking the walk for the opening of the latest Escada flagship store in Berlin, where I don't think the weather's been all that great for getting a glowing tan, but that didn't stop Stacy Keibler from glowing in her demure white dress and toned-down hair color. While people debate about the status of the supposedly "on the rocks" relationship that the former wrestler...

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