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Jenna Louise Coleman takes her sweet little Tardis to Sydney

I don't know what there is to hate about Jenna Louise Coleman , although there seemed to be some complaints when I posted about her earlier in the week. The London premiere wasn't where Coleman and the newest doctor, Peter Capaldi, were planning on stopping. The two took their blue police box to Sydney, Australia as a part of the "Doctor Who" world tour (they've also got a huge following in...
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Jenna-Louise Coleman ponders how she became the flying (re)Tardis on the set of Doctor Who finale

I was really hoping earlier this week that I'd get some straight answers from you die-hard Whovians instead of nit-picking or otherwise solidifying my belief that you're a lot of wingnuts. In this week's Sexy Ten Spot I tried to bring out some discussion, get some talk going. I know a lot of you are some super smart people. I admitted that I've not watched a single episode or movie or special...
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