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Sexy TwitPics: The Best of 2014

It's the end of a year, a time which some may find appropriate or humbling to observe photographs of the events which took place over the last 12 months. Since this is MovieHotties, I think the spontaneous and unforgiving world of social media will serve us just right. 2014 was a surprisingly substantial year for a column such as this, mainly because of how many hotties...
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Top 10 Up-and-Coming Hotties

Being the "noob" here at MovieHotties, it only seems natural that I take on the duty of writing about this next group of hotties who are scheduled to fall more into the limelight in 2013. This year we were introduced to a variety of hotties in different parts of the entertainment industry. As I was searching for "up-and-comers", I realized there were a ton to choose from, so this list will...
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