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Bella Thorne calls a seductive shotgun

Is there anything Bella Thorne wont do to show off for a camera? I'd say that's a resounding "no," once you factor in these pics of her turning the normally mundane routine of getting into a car into something akin to a sexy modelling session. It also helps that she's wearing super tight ass jeans and a tank top that shows off her tits, but then she's got those sorts of things on...
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Charlotte McKinney looks nice only wearing a paper hand fan

The folding hand fan is recognized as being invented in Japan or China with both countries holding legends of its creation. Regardless of how the folding fan originated, the device was taken to Europe in the 1500s by way of trade routes and became an exotic and stylish symbol of wealth and class. - @SEA In early 2016, the folks at GQ Mexico used it as a way to cover Charlotte...
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A night of open blouse dining for Chrissy Teigan and her lucky husband

Taking a break from chicken wings, model Chrissy Teigan and musically well endowed John Legend hit up Craigs restaurant for a full meal. Sadly, his dish won't be served up on his wife's ass. If that introduction sounds bizarre, scroll down to the last photo or click the link to the video for some clarification. Recalling candid photos of old, it's a surprise that she's even wearing a bra...
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Sofia Vergara attempts to cover up in trench coats, but fails wonderfully

Silly, Sofia Vergara" with her trench coat nonsense. You knew she couldn't keep that cover closed for long. Eventually, that hot body gotta come out. Sofia was over at the ABC studios today, doing something or other, pretending to be all modest and shit. Modesty just isn't her thing. Sure, it might have been chilly out, but Sofia would seize an opportunity to show off her bod in the...
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Maria Menounos is a dirty, filthy tease

Maria Menounos posted a pair of photos to her Twitter this weekend, showing her in a bikini. Being the vicious, heartless tease that she is, most of the goods were obscured or otherwise not fully appreciable in either pic. Wait, isn't this the woman who will do pretty much anything for attention? What the hell is all this teasing shit about? You know what we want to see, Maria. If...
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More of Kate Upton's icy 2013 SI swimsuit spread

Kate Upton and gang are about to hit news stands pretty soon, doing their best bikini babe performance for this year's SI swimsuit edition. I have little doubt they'll make a fine impression, but the one thing that may concern some of you about their choice of locations is whether or not they can make icy tundras work in unison with a fine body in a bikini. Perhaps these preview images will...
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