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Charli XCX serves up the sexy in a mini tennis skirt at Pop City concert

I'm going to wager a bet that Charli XCX has been wearing some sports gear when she's off the stage, what with those newly defined ab muscles of hers looking as tight as an athlete's when she was performing songs from her upcoming new album at Create nightclub in Los Angeles this past Wednesday night. The British pop singer has always had a fit body, which she's dressed up in various...
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Kari Byron bounces some balls while she busts some myths

The last time that I paid attention to "Mythbusters," it featured the ginger dude and the older dude with the grandpa hat. I know I should remember their names but it's been so long and after about 2 seasons of the show, I figured they'd gone through any myth I had pondered the legitimacy of. The show has continued going regardless, finding ways to get their female cast member, Kari Byron (no...
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