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Tennis hottie Maria Sharapova has some trouble with her bikini

The trouble Maria Sharapova was having with her bikini is kind of a funny thing I've noticed about women's beach attire. The ladies often seem to be uncomfortable with how a bikini fits, which I can understand. I'd be annoyed too if the thing I wore over my privates were that tight. The problem there is looking to us guys for sympathy as you ladies try to pull it out of your ass and reach in...

Kaley Cuoco brings our two breast friends to a charity tennis match

For a chick who almost lost her leg in a horse riding freak accident, it appears that "The Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco has healed up quite nicely judging by these images of her playing doubles tennis for a charity event in Calabasas, California. Cuoco, who is sporting a XII/XXXI/XIII (12-31-13, the date of her wedding to Ryan Sweeting, her tennis pro partner here) tattoo and her...

After seeing up-skirts and hotness, I think I'm in 40-Love with Malin Akerman

I really hate sports. They're really boring to watch and if it comes to the apocolypse and I actually find myself playing, I just get sweaty and fall into a seizure. This applies to tennis, however, it features hot girls in short skirts shout-moaning with each other for a while. You have to give credit where credit's due and in this case, I sure do hope that the featured hottie will have many...

Kate Upton shows off all three of her trophies

It feels like it's been forever since I've had me some Kate Upton goodness (like, three or four days), but I have finally reached my goal of the day and found her in the color that always makes her look the cutest: red. While black makes her look elegantly sexy, bikinis make her look unattainably hot, I feel red makes her look adorably sexy. They're weird categories, but they make sense to...

It's time for sibling hottie hour with Kate and Christine Upton

I love it when I find out that hot people have female siblings. Especially when said hot person is Kate Upton . For some reason, these pictures make me feel really happy. Here we can see Kate flashing that adorable smile of hers while her sister, Christine Upton , is kind of just…snarky and there. Don't get me wrong, now. I love snarky women. In fact, I like it when women are just straight...

Kari Byron bounces some balls while she busts some myths

The last time that I paid attention to "Mythbusters," it featured the ginger dude and the older dude with the grandpa hat. I know I should remember their names but it's been so long and after about 2 seasons of the show, I figured they'd gone through any myth I had pondered the legitimacy of. The show has continued going regardless, finding ways to get their female cast member, Kari Byron (no...

Maria Sharapova looks sweet at the launch of Sugarpova in NYC

She didn't make it all that high on my Top Ten Sexiest Athletes list, but Maria Sharapova isn't let that take the sweet out of her new product, a line of candies aptly named Sugarpova. In fact, the tennis star is hoping that she can legally change her last name from Sharapova during the US OPEN and then revert back after the tournament is over. This is a first for Florida state's laws, so...

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