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Good to see that Summer Glau is still alive and still gorgeous

Lately is seems that about once a year Summer Glau will show up and let everyone know that she's still alive, simultaneously reminding everyone how she used to be one of the main reasons to lust after the female of our species. Poor Summer, how could we have let this come to pass? Maybe it's just the Browncoat in me speaking, but Summer has always been one of the most striking creatures ever...
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Lena Headey gets covered in tats for some reason

I'm not even going to try to hide my bias here. I really hate tattoos, especially on women. Maybe that's sexist or whatever, but I can't think of anything that ruins a female body worse than a big, dumb, tattoo. I've never understood the appeal. Here you are, beautiful vision of woman, and all you can think to do is get Hello Kitty on your ass or a pair of six shooters stenciled across your...
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