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We might as well get one more Emilia Clarke post in before the big weekend

Emilia Clarke was also on hand for this refugee photos exhibit event last night, looking adorable as usual. We're gonna have to get used to not seeing those big, broad grins for awhile once GoT premieres. I believe it may be written into her contract that big, happy smiles are forbidden. Khaleesi is allowed only stone faces, terrified expressions and angry grimaces. Poor thing. It must be...
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Hottie Clip: Emilia Clarke in Terminator: Genisys

There are worse things that could block traffic on the freeway than a naked  Emilia Clarke , but that doesn't stop road raging extras from getting all pissy when it happens in TERMINATOR: GENISYS. The the fourth or sixth (or third) installment in the TERMINATOR series hits shelves tomorrow, for the fans who want to pick it up . It seems like the general response from...
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Emilia Clarke Day 2: British GQ Woman of the Year

Yesterday I wrote a little something about Emilia Clarke's attendance to GQ's men of the year ceremony. Today, it's all about her new prestigious title of British GQ's women of the year. I could write little opinions about her looks, her demeanor or even specifically this pictorial, but there probably wouldn't be a huge difference compared to things I've already...
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BOTB Sarah Connors: Linda Hamilton vs Lena Headey vs Emilia Clarke

Last week I was whining about the popularity of all things Seth MacFarlane aside from, of course, the beautiful women he gets to work with. For all of you, Amanda Seyfried was the most beautiful of the bunch, surprising to me since I figured Mila Kunis would have had it wrapped up (and it's nice to know I'm not the only big fan of Sanaa Lathan). This week I could whine about the cheesy...
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Hottie Report Card: Moon Bloodgood

The latest season of FALLING SKIES will be premiering on TNT this Sunday, June 22nd, 2014. Are there any fans of that show around these parts? If so, you're most definitely familiar with the potentially blinding hotness that is Moon Bloodgood . That may sound like the perfect name for a cartoon werewolf, but Moon is far from monstrous-looking, let alone covered in body hair. Since...
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Emilia Clarke's beauty is certainly in style

I literally just started GAME OF THRONES last night, so while I have no idea who is what or what is where or where is when or when is why, I really enjoy it. Maybe the fact that my I.Q. is the same number as my age makes shows like GOT a little hard to follow at times, I'm sure I'll catch up. My mom said so. So, whether or not I've seen Emilia Clarke's hotness on the show yet is kind of up...
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Face Off: Lena Headey vs. Eva Green

It was Elizabeth Olsen over Emily Browning in last week's Face Off . I don't know, maybe I'm weird, but I don't see them as all that different from one another. They're the same age, same kind of careers. Maybe a little different physically, but that's not a bad thing. They both look pretty good to me. We've got the much delayed sequel to 300 coming out this week, starring Lena...
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Exclusive: Four badass pics of Summer Glau from Knights of Badassdom!

We've had a bit of a wait for KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM, but now that the movie is making its way onto Digital and On Demand February 11th, we finally get to see how badass those knights can get against the summoning of demons from hell. While I'm looking forward to seeing all around awesome guy Peter Dinklage swinging a sword again, I'm particularly eager to see what kind of badassdom his co-star...
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