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Face Off: Olivia Wilde vs. Alexandra Daddario

We had a clear winner last time around in the way of Amber Heard over her opponent Lyndsy Fonseca by a 18 to 13 vote. That was surprising to me. I figured that one as a tie game for sure. Perhaps this week's match will challenge your decision-making skills. Those of you who read my posts here know that I'm a sucker for any woman with a beautiful set of eyes. They can persuade me to...
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Alexandra Daddario hits the beaches for the upcoming issue of Cosmo

Added to our galleries not too long ago, Alexandra Daddario is making waves this year, just after leaving her reoccurring guest role on the show "Parenthood," last fall. Back in January, Daddario was one of the screaming beauties in the TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D a film that doesn't seem to have inspired much love from you schmoes, considering that the overall review feedback is at a...
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