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BOTB Thanksgiving: Colette vs Mrs Lovett vs Swedish Chef

Inevitably, people will misunderstand this week's Battle of the Babes. For the past 8 years I've been posting this column on Thursdays and for each of those Thanksgiving Thursdays, I've had a battle of the dudes, beginning with 3 of the men from when the first Abrams STAR TREK hadn't yet hit screens. But this year, since shit seems to have slid sideways for a lot of people in 2016, I...
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Give thanks for another sexy holiday themed Maitland Ward photoshoot

When last we saw her, Maitland Ward was carving up some pumpkins while letting her own chest gourds hang out. For Thanksgiving, we got a whole lot of foot fetish goodness (for those who are into that sort of thing) when Maitland decided to mix her stuffing with her little piggies. Ward seems to seriously get into these themed photoshoots, so much so that she lost track of holding onto her...
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BOTB Horrible Bosses Men: Charlie Day vs Jason Bateman vs Jason Sudeikis

Happy Thanksgiving, people of America (for everyone outside of the self-obsessed United States, how about this fine Thursday, yo?)! While some of you are eating turkey and some of you are avoiding family members (or gluten, which has become more heinous than your drunkcle, from what I've gathered), some of you are thinking about braving the streets for the one location that tends to be...
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Krysten Ritter slips into a bikini, throws like a girl

Krysten Ritter was down in Quintana Roo on the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula for her Thanksgiving, throwing around the pig skin in a two-tone bikini. Krysten is looking pretty hot here and must be a brave soul to spend her time in warm equatorial zones with her kind of skin. It's been my experience that persistently pale white girls often fear extended amounts of time in the sun, much less...
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Battle of the Babes English Lads Edition: Benedict Cumberbatch vs Michael Fassbender vs Tom Hiddleston

This Battle is dedicated to my friend Cat, a lovely lass from the great Northern country of Canada, who might not be celebrating her Thanksgiving today but still needs some great eye candy to satisfy her hunger. She's my go-to when it comes to all things fangirl regarding the men of this match-up, now the fourth year where I've focused on the delicious male members (heh heh) of Hollywood...
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