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Laura Prepon is really killing this dark haired, fuller figured thing

It was a running joke on "That '70's Show," making remarks about how 5'10" tall Laura Prepon's character Donna was a giantess. That was one of the things that always made Prepon hotter to me. Sure, she's as tall as any of the main supermodels but there's a solidity to her that none of those wisps have. She's never been fat or even approaching...

BOTB Hot Neighbors Edition: Kaley Cuoco vs Laura Prepon vs Paula Garces

There's something about a red head, even if she isn't a natural redhead. It makes you feel as if you hit the jackpot, even if you didn't know you were playing. Seems the majority of you are biggest on Jane Levy being the best potential Mary Jane in the current reboot of the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN movies, even if she looks much younger than Garfield (out of the 3 from last week, Levy was the...

Black is the new black for Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon , aka Hot Donna, was a redhead again for about 5 minutes last year and that was a great return to form after years of that terrible blonde. I hoped Laura would stay with the red for awhile, but apparently she's taking a tour of the various natural shades of human hair and has thus moved on to a jet black color. Not only that, but she's adopted a whiter than white skin...

Holy Hotness, Batman! Mila Kunis rocking the symbol is geektastic in its hotness!

Damn. Mila Kunis is looking great!  Mila has always been one of my favorites. I absolutely fell in love with her ditzy character on THAT 70's SHOW and seeing her emerge as one of the hottest actresses on the planet in FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL , my ridiculous love of all things Mila (even if she is dating that douche) propelled to intense, probably very creepy levels....

Laura Prepon's red hair rocks amid orange and black

I remember being a young lad and catching an episode of That 70's Show on television. That's where I first saw Laura Prepon and fell in love. I have to be honest, though. Before that, I didn't think redheads were all that attractive (which is blasphemy now). What can I say? The scary freckles and lack of soul really kinda wigged me out, but for some reason, something bout Preopn's...

Classic Hotties: Tanya Roberts

We got a little something different for ya'll on this week's edition of Classic Hotties. While Tanya Roberts may not be among the Hollywood royalty we typically cover in this column, she is nonetheless of great significance for folks my age. In fact, I think it's fair to say that her exploits in and especially out of her clothes, hold as much significance for 80s movie fans as any other...

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