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Willa Holland aimed for sexiness at InStyle's Golden Globe party

Well, hello Willa Holland . One of the stars of "Arrow," Holland happens to be a favorite of mine from the show, what little I've watched of it. She tends to look hotter in motion than she does in still images, where her youthful features can cause her to look a bit too child-like. At the InStyle Magazine Golden Globes after party, Willa got a chance to show that she's still growing up,...
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Battle of the Babes #247: Nina Dobrev vs Katie Cassidy vs Rachel Bilson

Are you all still paying attention? For the main 3 networks, we're looking at one semi-final battle. Depending on who takes this week's battle, we'll have a second semi-final battle of the off-network babes. Coming up next week will be the pay channel babes. But for now, after crowning Anna Torv as the Fox winner (Hannah Simone did quite well too) it's time to put your heads together...
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