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The Top Ten Best Bikini Moments of 2014

While global warming may be a worldwide threat, at least the heat in the last year has brought us many hotties in bikinis. And, after all, isn't that what's most important this time of year. Summer never fails to be the season with the most massive bikini outcome, and here we have the very best (and most memorable) bikini moments of 2014!
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Sexy TwitPics: The Bella Twins

Howdy, hottie lovers! Today is Christmas Eve, so you probably expected this week's TwitPics to feature girls in Santa hats or something, which I'm sure you can find on a dozen other sites. Instead, this year, I've decided to give you two sexy social media junkies for the price of one! This duo of WWE divas go by the ring names Brie Bella and Nikki Bella , more...
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Nicole and Brianna Bella show each other some sibling love

I know I'm the one putting up this post, but I can't help but feel just the slightest bit dirty. Yeah, these pictures are hot. Stupendously so. There's nothing like seeing two well endowed women get all close and personal for my viewing pleasure, but these girls are sisters. Twins, in fact. That's right. Here we have The Bella Twins ( Nicole Bella and Brianna Bella ) who are apparently...
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