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I guess it's not totally inconceivable that people would still want to interview Lindsay Lohan

In her wildly extensive career, Lindsay Lohan has never previously found her way to Sundance until just this year. The much beleaguered actress held a press conference while she was in Park City, Utah, to talk about joining forces with Randall Emmett, a producer and financier who most recently has backed the movies 2 GUNS and END OF WATCH, to bring a movie to the big screen that she...
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Tenille Houston's cleavage may be the best reason to see The Canyons

There's been such hoopla around the new Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen film THE CANYONS that I really can't help but have a burning, flaming desire to see it. I don't necessarily need to see Lohan boobage (A. She's just not what she used to be and B. I have a computer. I've already seen them), but I DO need to see how bad the film is overall....
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