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Shailene Woodley shines bright at the NY premiere of Fault in Our Stars

I'm going to venture a guess that most of you dudes out there are tired of hearing about DIVERGENT as well as THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and quite possibly their lead star, Shailene Woodley as well. I can't tell you to get over it but I can tell you that I don't think it's going to die down any time soon. Shailene's certainly no Jennifer Lawrence but she's also no...

Shailene Woodley & Ansel Elgort premiere Fault in Our Stars for BuzzFeed

OK, so Shailene Woodley is adorable but if you don't mind me navigating a bit off the female hottie course, can I say for a minute that Ansel Elgort beats her in that regard. While many of you might not be interested in going to see the tear-jerker drama about two teenagers with cancer in love, since I got the see the movie early I can say that Elgort is utterly and all-encompassingly...

Fans go crazy for Shailene Woodley as she promotes The Fault in Our Stars

For those who are huge fans of the book, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS will be a winning experience when they go to check it out in its movie form. How do I know? A couple months back I was lucky enough to get the chance to see it in an early advanced preview screening (it's awesome and fully establishes Ansel Elgort as a charming young genius actor) and while you might think that the diehards behind...

Shailene Woodley paired a tight satin suit with her short hair for CinemaCon

People can talk all they want about how Shailene Woodley being plain or unattractive but it still won't take away from the fact that she's a magnetic and talented young star. I'm not saying that just because she took home the Female Star of Tomorrow award at CinemaCon, I'm saying it because even though her new movie DIVERGENT is fairly lame as a whole (I thought the source material was...

Shailene Woodley is an adorable flower child in Bust magazine

As the ad campaign for DIVERGENT amps up, studios definitely pinning their hopes on this adapted YA book series being the next TWILIGHT moneymaker, we're seeing a lot more of its star Shailene Woodley all over the place. This time it's in the current issue of Bust magazine, which is going for that bohemian look and feel with its photoshoot of Woodley, highlighting the...

Shailene Woodley is about to dominate 2014, starting with InStyle magazine

If you've ever taken the time to watch "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," you've probably cursed yourself for wasting time watching that show. After trying it out, I have to say that it's one of the most horrendously written and blindingly poorly acted shows in the entire history of TV. It's so laughably, breathtakingly bad that it's famously been shown...

Battle of the Babes Book Babes Edition: Shailene Woodley vs Lily Collins vs Kaya Scodelario

Duuuuude... I never thought I would see it happen in a million years but it happened just last week: Natalie Portman was finally bested in a Battle of the Babes by a woman who has to be her polar opposite - Kat Dennings. Kat won by only ONE vote over Nat but it just proves that the seemingly impossibly isn't always just. This week let';s take a look at some of the beauties who are...

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