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Top 6 Hottest Funny Women in Movies

You always hear women talk about finding a funny guy kinda hot. There's no reason why a funny woman shouldn't work the same way. Sure, T&A alone will work just fine. However, if the hottie in question can also crack wise and make us laugh, all the better. Here are 6 hotties with humor we find particularly hot. What other hotties work the funny just as well as the sexy?...
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Top 6 Hottest Party Girls In Movies

Party girls: just a Solo cup and a few jello shots away from making all your dreams com true. Everybody loves the girls who are down for party and that goes double for the girls who party down in the movies. Here are a few movie party girls we like the most. Can you think of any other girls you'd like to party with? What other kinds of things would you like to do with a...
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TGIFs: 8 Hot Tub Hottie Gifs!

The sequel everyone but John Cusack knew would be coming, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2 , can be seen in theaters this weekend. Naturally, that give us a much needed excuse to look at some gifs of hotties in hot tubs (like the one above of  Fabiana Udenio as "Alotta Fagina" in the first AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY).  I've never been crazy...
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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Hottest Chicks in Bunny Costumes

Well Easter is just around the corner and while everyone else might find themselves fussing around with the painted eggs, baskets of candy and martyred deities, we've been spending our time working out which hotties looked the hottest in bunny outfits. Cause that's how we roll. We've come up with six of these bunnied babes for you, all hot enough to make you want to screw...
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Hot or Not: Katharine McPhee

I feel like doing a "duh!" Hot or Not selection this week since the show that she's on is strongly being questioned as to whether or not it's going to make it beyond its return this coming February. Sometimes I do these obvious columns because I really want to look at some awesome pictures of a selected target. I'll spend hours lingering over them, battling within myself which images to...
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Interview with Emma Stone, Rumer Willis and Katherine McPhee (House Bunny)

I happen to think that Emma Stone will be huge. She has a remarkable quality about her in which she can play the geeky but sorta cool chick or the incredibly hot chick that doesn't realize how cool she is. As for Rumer Willis and Katherine McPhee, truthfully I hadn't had much exposure to either of them, but I finally got the chance to see THE HOUSE BUNNY and see just what they had...
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