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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Hottest Chicks in Elevators

Hotties in elevators - something so good they made a song all about them. Why is an elevator such a universally appealing thing, both for perverts and the proper alike? Is it the close quarters? Or the possibility of getting caught doing whatever your sick mind compels you to do? Probably a bit of both. Whatever is behind it, elevators are a common setting for all sorts of sexy hijinks...

Hot or Not: Jena Malone

I'm going to just go with the Jedd the Jedi flow from last week's comments and roll out the Hot or Not this week with the selection from then. Seeing as how this week's hottie or nottie is one of the featured players in the current HUNGER GAMES movie, CATCHING FIRE, it's good timing too. Jena Malone She once played a young Jodie Foster in CONTACT and went through a...

Jennifer Lawrence continues her sexy, short-haired Catching Fire steak

I'm sure it's written somewhere in Jennifer Lawrence's contract that she has to attend damn near every premiere for THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE . Not that I mind at all, though. No, the more red carpets and events Jennifer has to attend to promote this thing, the more sexy/pretty/lovely/beautiful/gorgeous pictures I'll have to tend to and post up. In this case, we have Jennifer hitting...

Jennifer Lawrence catches my heart on fire at Hunger Games premiere

With THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE finally making it's way to theaters, I can now look forward to all the red carpets and premiers where Jennifer Lawrence will surely be. She'll also surely be looking gorgeously fantastic as evidenced by the U.K. premiere pictures seen below. While I think we've seen that everyone (including myself) likes long, Rapunzel like hair on  a chick, Lawrence is...

Jennifer Lawrence loses the hair, but gains more of my love

If there are two things in this world that I love more than anything else, it's brunettes and long hair. Everything about this post should have me throwing up my papers, jumping out of a window and running towards the setting sun…but oh, my God, I love Jennifer Lawrence . Everything about her makes me giggle like an unfortunate looking schoolboy eating apple sauce (I don't know why, but that...

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