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Olivia Wilde brings her magic eyes to the Wonderstone premiere

Olivia Wilde brought the THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE premiere train to LA last night, making stops at everyone's collective crotchal regions as she did so with her sexy dress and sexier eyes. Girl is a temptress, but I'm not so tempted by her movie. It just looks silly to me, in a bad way. Competing magicians in Vegas have to come together to defeat a plucky upstart? I'm getting a BLADES...
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Olivia Wilde grants our wishes, dresses as a showgirl

Vanity Fair is known for their ability to blackmail just about any celebrity they damn-well please into joining one of their popular group photoshoots. Coming up is the magazine's "2013 Hollywood Issue" (I thought "Hollywood" was sort an ongoing theme to that magazine, but okay, whatever. Moving on…), which will feature big name celebrities like Ben Affleck, Emma Stone and Bradley...
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