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Hottie Report Card: Jaimie Alexander

So, Jaimie Alexander . That's the THOR 2 hottie you want to see get graded this week, huh? Not Natalie Portman or Kat Dennings ? Well, I suppose going with the lesser-known babe would be the more "hip" thing to do, plus there have been some rumors lately that Jaimie may take on the metallic bosoms of Wonder Woman in a feature film. Currently, she can be seen in...

The Hottie Stop interviews Genesis Rodriguez from Identity Thief

Anyone who knows me is very aware of my love for Genesis Rodriguez. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, she is a terrific actress and absolutely hilarious as well. In early 2012 she and her co-star Jamie Bell created sparks as a sexy dynamic duo [Bell was pretty sexy as well according to my wife] in MAN ON A LEDGE. She also put a fire under Will Ferrell in the Spanish language comedy...

Her movie might be tanking, but Jaimie Alexander remains a success at premieres

Did you track that rather interesting decline Jaimie Alexander's movie THE LAST STAND took on Rotten Tomatoes? It started out with a 100% fresh rating from the select group of critics the studio wined and dined prior to their screening. However, as the rest of the movie critic community got a look at it, that fresh rating steadily festered, eventually settling at a rotten 57%. Those sneaky...

Jaimie Alexander stands for sexy

Your current Hottie of the Week, Jaimie Alexander , was at the premiere of the Schwarzenegger action movie THE LAST STAND last night, looking beautiful as always. Jaimie is one of the many underrated hotties who I wish got a little more attention because, well, look at her. Wouldn't you like to see a lot more of her around? That jet black hair and those lovely eyes, capable of both sweetness...

Hot or Not: Melissa Molinaro

Back in the classic movies day, if you had an odd or an ethnic or a "Un-American" sounding first or last name, the movie studios would encourage you to change it. Hell, if your name was Norma Jean Baker, they'd tell you that wasn't sexy enough. When you're an Ontario girl born Melissa Smith and your career isn't getting any traction, you reach into your Italian roots and move forward....

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