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Hottie Report Card: Kristen Bell

At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to subject myself to the pressure of ranking  Kristen Bell 's current state of hotness. She obviously has an abundance of die-hard fans (whom she got to help finance a VERONICA MARS movie), and on top of that, I kinda really dig this woman. That isn't to say I would just give her A's across the board, though. So, once again, I...
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Kristen Bell's latest movie gets a persuasive poster

I don't have any first hand knowledge about the quality of Kristen Bell's latest movie THE LIFEGUARD. Our own Chris Bumbray didn't think much of it on the whole when he saw it at this year's Sundance festival. They have crafted a rather persuasive poster for the movie however, wisely making Kristen in a very Baywatch-esque one piece as the primary imagery. It's thoroughly...
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Seeing Kristen Bell & Martin Starr at Sundance makes me miss Freaks & Veronica even more

By now, I'm sure you've all lamented Kristen Bell and her knocked uppedness (I figured out that Evan Rachel Wood is pregnant as well... seems there are a lot of oven-baking buns in Sundance right now between Bell, Wood and Malin Akerman from the preggo roll call I've done thus far). Thing is, I can't look at Martin Starr without thinking back to the time that he was Bill on "Freaks &...
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