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Amanda Righetti's red hotness is the epitome of modern

I'm not sure what the LA Modernism Show was featuring other than some cars with a lovely Amanda Righetti posing next to them, but that's where the redheaded "Mentalist" star was over the weekend. Righetti looked awesome in her tight white dress, another example of how she's probably one of the most overlooked hotties working today. It's a pity that Amanda doesn't have anything else on her...

Amanda Righetti's hot ginger MILF self is the latest to show you her place

Esquire magazine stumbled on to one of the hottest ideas since Maxim started putting actresses, models, singers and the like on the covers of their magazine in various states of lingerie-cladness or undress. That idea is the Me in My Place set of photoshoots that Esquire releases at least once a month, like a kinder, more sensual monthly visitor. This month's featured hottie is "The...

Robin Tunney looks amazing at the closing ceremony of the 53rd Monte Carlo TV event

When I was younger, around the time that THE CRAFT came out, I seriously wanted to be Fairuza Balk . After time and events, I decided that she and I had parted too far apart in our individual paths and, well, she started creeping me the f*ck out. Now that I've had a chance to watch a couple random episodes of "The Mentalist," and seeing her in this tight LBD at the 53rd Monte Carlo Television...

Battle of the Babes #243: Cuoco vs Liu vs Righetti

Since you all seemed to get into the spirit when I did a battle of the Jewish actresses (brunettes one week, blondes the next, redheads after that until we came to the finale and the winner was NATALIE PORTMAN!! with 17 votes out of the 38 cast), I thought that it might be a cool thing to continue doing. This time I'm going to pit major network babes (CBS, NBC, ABC) in the first...

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