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Battle of the Babes Book Babes Edition: Shailene Woodley vs Lily Collins vs Kaya Scodelario

Duuuuude... I never thought I would see it happen in a million years but it happened just last week: Natalie Portman was finally bested in a Battle of the Babes by a woman who has to be her polar opposite - Kat Dennings. Kat won by only ONE vote over Nat but it just proves that the seemingly impossibly isn't always just. This week let';s take a look at some of the beauties who are...
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Lily Collins gets on her hands and knees for Norway

So, maybe THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES didn't do all that hot at the box office this weekend , but this is Norway for crying out loud! Those Norway-an peeps love them some fantasy (I'm an editor on Wikipedia for Norway, so I know what I'm talking about), so there's no doubt in my mind that the film will get the publicity and money it deserves. Anyway, here we can see Lily Collins...
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Hottie Report Card: Lena Headey

Are you guys all excited about this weekend's release of the romantic fantasy/epic TWILIGHT   THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES ? Actually, it was released two days ago, so you've probably already seen it, right? No?? Well, shoot. Did you happen to catch that creepy, home-invasion thriller YOU'RE NEXT THE PURGE? Certainly some of you must have. Well, if not, many...
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Lily Collins and Ashley Greene make movie premiere a little more magical

One of the best perks to this job is the fact that I get to discover hotties that I'd never hear or know about if I weren't scouring the internet for hours on end looking for beauties. I definitely wouldn't go see THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES , but if it means I get two hours to stare at Lily Collins , that doesn't sound too bad, right? I'm unfortunately not too interested in the...
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