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Hottie Report Card: Ellie Kemper

So it seems there is one name that keeps popping up in the comments, and that name is Ellie Kemper for some reason (or perhaps none at all). I have no objection to the notion that Ms. Kemper is relevant in the Hottieverse, although I am bit more hesitant than the majority of schmoes who would apparently jump on that if their dog was on fire. Perhaps I'm just biased...
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Hottie Report Card: Rashida Jones

A few of you folks have been pretty persistent over the months in nominating  Rashida Jones for a "Report Card" column, and since the sixth season of "Parks and Recreation" just had its hour-long premiere last night, it seems like about the right time. I was hesitant at first, because I really like Rashida. She's a lovely gal, but she isn't the kind...
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Hottie Report Card: Jenna Fischer

Last week, we got a recommendation to do a "Report Card" for Jenna Fischer . Although, she's not really relevant at this very moment, I haven't a damned clue when she will be now that "The Office" is over, so now is as good a time as any, I suppose. I may wind up wanting to kick myself in the teeth by the end of this, as I am one of the many...
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To put it bluntly, Emily Blunt has a great ass

It's been a great day for great asses. Ass-packed days are my favorite kind of day. Putting the fleshy little cherry on top of my great day is Emily Blunt , doing the sexy spandex leggings bit while perusing a sidewalk magazine stand with that guy from The Office. Yeah, I know his name is John Krasinski and that he's her husband. I prefer not to think of him that way though. That's a general...
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Battle of the Babes #254: FINALS!! Jenna Fischer vs Lauren Cohan vs Olga Kurylenko

I want to give some acknowledgement to all of you for being so actively involved in the recent battles that have been going on for the past couple of months. It's taken a long time to whittle down 3 of the hottest women on the basic cable channels, the other than the big 3 cable channels and the pay to view their potential nudity channels. Kaley Cuoco was beaten out by the closest...
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Battle of the Babes #244: Lauren Graham vs Jenna Fischer vs Tina Fey

CBS has been sporting a lot of fine, fine female flesh these days, long past is the time when Jessica Tandy was the best you could get from the channel. In fact, it was such a hot race last week that "Elementary" star Lucy Liu beat "The Big Bang Theory" resident babe, Kaley Cuoco by only one vote. It's important that you place your wagers now, because we'll be seeing Liu against one...
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Ellie Kemper is super cute but is her dress a mess?

While I might not have discovered Ellie Kemper on "The Office," and while I'm probably the only person who sat through the 21 JUMP STREET movie and did not laugh once (I tried watching a second time when I was completely baked and mainly thought it was boring - yes, I know, your opinion is that my opinion sucks and therefore is completely invalid and blah blah blah), I still thought she...
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