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Flashback Friday: Those bygone days when Lindsay Lohan was America's sweetheart

I saw that Lindsay Lohan turned 29 the other day. 29. That's one of those monumental years, where one's life is on the cusp of big changes. But you're still young, still vital. Still not too far away from your greener teenage years. Of course, some folks age differently than others. We've seen how Lindsay has handled her 20s - years wasted on the pursuit of drugs and...
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Classic Hotties: Maureen O'Hara

They had a nickname for Maureen O'Hara back in the day - Queen of Technicolor. With a head of gorgeous red hair and characteristically Irish eyes of bright green, hers was the kind of beauty color film was made for. A talented actress, singer, performer and businesswoman, Maureen's fiery locks were matched by her equally fiery spirit both on screen and off, making her a consistent...
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