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Brenda Song is flush with the cute at the pink party

A lot of actresses turned out for annual fundraising charity event, The Pink Party, held over the weekend in Santa Monica, California by the famous Cedar-Sinai hospital's women's cancer program, including the always cute Brenda Song , who did the pink duties by wearing a pink blouse and electric pink lipstick. Song is currently co-starring on the new Fox sitcom, "Dads," with Seth Green and...

Kate Beckinsale wears sexy red to the pink party

Kate Beckinsale was looking characteristically ethereal at The Pink Party, which is something that at first sounds provocative until you realize that it's actually a charity thing for women's cancer and you are a pathetic, potty-brained shit heel. Anyway, Kate was wearing her red dress and beautiful smile and in the process humiliating everyone in the vicinity with her radiance. It's that...

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