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Victoria Justice is finally starting to learn how to dress

Or maybe Victoria Justice  knew all along. Perhaps she knew in her heart just how incredible she would look in a dress like this that revealed her leg, her thigh, her midriff, and her shoulders in gloriously equal measure. I'm not up for nominating someone as the President of Performing of The Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Song, but Victoria would be a perfect nominee with the...

Charlize does charades the hottie way on the Tonight Show

Steve Higgins is no Ed McMahon but he managed to do a fairly decent job at cleaning up with guest hottie Charlize Theron who came on the show to discuss her role in TEN MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST. The duo were up against the host, Jimmy Fallon and his partner, "Penny Dreadful" star Josh Harnett (looking his Douchy Kutcher best) who suffered from antipatico when trying to get...

Kristen Bell is looking fit & leggy in blue while visiting Leno

While there's all this talk about the upcoming VERONICA MARS movie and what Kristen Bell is going to bring to the role of the former high school/college sleuthing blonde babeness, I just want to point out that one of the other guests on Leno that night was Jake Johnson, which a lot of you know from "New Girl" because you're Zooey Deschanel diehards but also happened to appear in a really...

Olivia Munn makes watching Jay Leno less of a drag

A while back, I made a complete ass of myself trying to recall anything Olivia Munn had been up to besides that godawful movie THE BABYMAKERS , completely disregarding her more excellent role on "The Newsroom". I must've been having one of those bath salt hangovers that day, because all in all, I still dig this woman. She may not be the same goddess from G4 (or whatever the hell they're...

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