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The Top 10 Sexiest Movie Characters of 2015

2015 was a tremendous year for sexy characters in cinema, and not just the ones named Mr. Grey. Of course, every year we assemble a list of the hottest female characters in movies, and this year wasn't easy. Some of them you wouldn't want to pick a fight with, some of them you probably wouldn't get along with much in the real world. From films about disasters (SAN ANDREAS) to films that WERE...
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Sexiest Hottie Movie Characters of 2013!

If you're here, chances are you have a fondness for movies, or perhaps even more so, a fondness for hotties. We like to keep tabs on all sorts of hot actresses and their public appearances, photoshoots, etc., but we rarely ever get to focus on the characters they play in the movies. Who are these characters? They have personalities too, y'know? There were a lot of memorable hottie roles for...
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